200W Light Engine LED High Bay Light

​Light Engine LED High Bay Light,with the new LED light source, it has the advantages of long life and quick response besides energy saving and environmental protection.LED mining lamp has a long life and durable.

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LED mining lamp has low power consumption, high color rendering index, strong earthquake resistance, long service life and green environmental protection.

LED mining lamp has high stability and longer life than traditional light source.No pollution, no heat radiation, no harm to eyes and skin.Good color rendering, real color rendering.

Excellent pressure resistance,excellent electromagnetic compatibility,Drive power,The sealing protection performance can be IP65.

◎High cost performance, and the more power, the more cost-effective.

3.Item Information:



The lamp body adopts the high strength die-casting aluminum material, the surface anti-aging electrostatic spraying treatment, self-cleaning, anti-corrosive strength.LED lamp decorative effect is very good, with special surface treatment technology, the appearance color can be chosen, installation is simple, disassembly is convenient, the application scope is wide.




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