Children Room Ceiling Light Simple Modern Cloud Rainbow Creative Bedroom Lamp

Environmental protection, eye protection, warm children's lamps. Bedroom ceiling light, green pollution-free.100~300W.

Product Details

1.Product Details:

Environmental protection, eye protection, warm children's lamps.Bedroom ceiling light, green pollution-free.


◎High quality eye lamp products often use high quality hair light source to achieve the requirements of luminescent and high stability.

◎Correct color temperature: a lot of the lamp that shield an eye in order to improve the intensity of illumination, can choose color temperature higher provide lighting light source, in fact, different color temperature stimulation to the eyes is different, high colour temperature is easier to make the eye fatigue.

◎It has the characteristics of luminous uniformity, large illumination area, no glare and shadow.

◎Environmental protection health, safety, avoid bad products to children's health.


3.Item Information:

Item No.XH-LED- CL2D04
Luminous flux10000~30000lm
Lamp efficiency100lm/w
Color temperature3000K-7000K all available
Input wattageAC85-260V
ApplicationLiving Room,Bedroom,Restaurant
Warranty3 years
Materialtimber+ glass


Children room is generally in combination of the overall and local illumination lamps and lanterns to configure, integral illume must use children absorb dome light for the space build anacreontic,dreamy light efficiency, while the local lighting to wall lamp, table lamp, lamp, etc. To meet different lighting needs.Children absorb dome light in modelling, colour gives a child a relaxed, full of interest of light sense, in order to expand the child's imagination, stimulate the child's study interest.





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