60W High Brightness E40 LED Bulb Light

The 60W LED bulb lamp has following advantages: 1、The power of 60W bulb lamp is very large.So normal material can't dissipate heat completely. But this material of our bulb uses the finned aluminum,and it will promise to dissipate heat well. 2、Its lampshade uses PC material and lights evenly.Then it has large illumination angle 3、It has higher light efficiency and higher brightness than normal fluorescent lamp. 4、It uses the linear illuminant lighting,so it is flicker-free and it has a long life. 5、The screw of this bulb is E40.Because we use the high temperature resistant lines,they are cruder.It can be used by factory,warehouse.

Product Details

1.Product Details:

Good security: solid state light source, no inflation, no glass shell;

Low power efficiency: generally the power of less than 5W, the photoelectric conversion efficiency reaches over 90%;

Rich in color: various colors can meet various color lighting;

Light weight: light-emitting diode is a kind of miniature light source;

Environmental protection: waste devices have no heavy metal pollution, which is beneficial to environmental protection.



using the United States at the end of the chip encapsulation of single high power LED as light source, and USES the unique single chip integrated single-mode groups more light source design, with high thermal conductivity, light failure is small, light color purity, no ghosting, etc.

The unique radiator design reduces the temperature in the body, the heat dissipation volume is large, and the air convection cools rapidly, which effectively guarantees the life of the light source and the power supply.

The weight and lightweight structure is compact and beautiful, reaching the IP60 standard, with good anti-corrosion and dustproof performance.

The energy-saving effect is obvious. The high-power LED light source is equipped with imported high-efficiency power supply, which can save more than 70% compared with sodium lamp.

Environment-friendly and pollution-free, without lead or other pollution elements, without any pollution to the environment.

3.Item Information:

Item No.XH-LED-QPD-60
Luminous flux6000lm
Lamp efficiency100~110lm/w
Color rendering indexRa>80
Power factorPF≥0.96
Beam angle180° 
Rated life≥50000h
Color temperature3000K-7000K all available
Working temperature-25~+50°C
Input wattageAC100-260V
IP codeIP44
Warranty3 years
Certificate CE, ROHS, CQC
ApplicationWorking shop,Industry area,Oil station etc
Mounting wayceiling-mounted
Payment termsBy T.T, Western Union, L/C, etc


Good color rendering, more real color rendering.All kinds of light colors can be selected to meet the needs of different environments, eliminate the depression caused by the high or low color temperature of traditional lamps, make the vision more comfortable and improve the working efficiency of the workers;Using constant current constant pressure control, it is suitable for wide voltage (AC100V - 240 - v) overcomes the caused by ballast power grids, noise pollution and light is not stable, to avoid the work brings to the eye irritation, fatigue;The decorative effect is excellent, the special surface treatment technology, the appearance can choose a variety of colors, the installation is simple, disassembly is convenient.


1.Make sure to turn off the power supply before use.

2. Please select the correct voltage to match the product.

3. When the light is on, do not touch the surface, do not look directly at the light source.


1. It is widely used in hotels, hotels, synagogues, clubs, villas and other high-end places for lighting and decoration.

2. Shop display, window, hotel, restaurant and other indoor decorative lighting;

Exhibition hall, art hall, museum, office, reading room and other local lighting;

High taxi, bar, karaoke and other ambient lighting;

Jewelry, gold and silver jewellery and fashion lighting.

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