What If The Crystal Lamp Gets Dirty? How Do You Clean The Crystal Lamp
- Jul 08, 2018 -

    According to understand, because crystal droplight position is higher, and the cleaning process is more troublesome, the following introduces a few commonly used crystal lamp cleaning methods, for your reference.


    LED crystal light

    Manual cleaning of crystal lamps

    If the appearance of bright and beautiful of crystal lamps and lanterns hides dirty, affect the aesthetic feeling of crystal lamps and lanterns oneself not only, still can weaken the refractive index of crystal lamps and lanterns.

    When cleaning crystal lamps:

1. Select professional cleaning agent for crystal lamps, and spray it on crystal lamps. The cleaning agent will evaporate together with dust and dirt, and then install it after drying.

2. It is better to remove the crystals one by one and dip them into the container containing kerosene. Wipe the crystal surface with a toothbrush.

    Additional, according to the quality of detailed crystal lamps and lanterns, make distinction treatment on managing, choose soft qualitative cotton cloth to undertake wiping;

    When removing the crystal pendant, the principle of symmetry should be followed to maintain the balance of the lamp and the bracket without deformation.

    Do not use alcohol when wiping gold-plated metal bracket, lest damage plating outer film affects beauty, to avoid leaving fingermarks on crystal lamps, when cleaning crystal lamps should wear white cotton gloves.

3. Ask professionals to clean the crystal lamp, so it is safe and convenient.

    If the string of beads is to be removed and cleaned, the balance of the lamp body when removing the string of beads should be paid attention to.

Disassembly should be carried forward, left and right.

    Wipe bracket parts to avoid liquid contact with crystal lamps.

    When wipe bracket, fittings, soft cloth does not touch water especially cannot touch alcohol water, lest rub the protective film outside electroplating layer, affect the surface of lamp holder bright and glossy effect.

    Avoid putting too much effort into the installation.

    The bulb also needs to be removed and cleaned before being loaded.

    The bulb should be properly precession, too loose will produce bad contact, too tight may screw out the bulb.

    Replace parts timely.

    It is found that the joint buckles of beads are rusty and discolored.

    The defect of bead string is found.


1. Cleaning should not be carried out with corrosive liquid such as detergent to avoid damaging the plating outer film

2. Do not clean with sharp equipment to avoid scratching.

    Although the crystal lamp itself has a bright appearance, if we do not pay attention to the cleaning of the crystal lamp in our daily life, it may lose its original charm.

    How to clean the crystal lamp?

    What should I use to clean it?

    Here's the answer

    Common crystal lamp cleaner

    Want to undertake cleanness to crystal lamp, want to know the cleanser that cleans crystal lamp to have what above all, the cleanser that we use most crystal lamp in daily life has a few kinds:

    Spray special cleaner

    The cleaner is a kind of special brighteners for crystalline light clean, it only takes you will spray cleaner on the crystalline light, don't you use the cloth to wipe again, the dust on the crystal ball will be taken with the volatilization of cleaner is very convenient.


    Kerosene is a kind of good clean fouling crystal surface cleaning agent, we'll take out the crystalline light carefully, and then put it in kerosene, use a toothbrush to brush gently again crystal surface, in use after washing detergent scrub it again.

    Crystal lamp cleaning method

    Because of the particularity of crystal lamp material, we should pay attention to a few methods and techniques when cleaning crystal lamp:

1, when cleaning the crystalline light, we must pay attention to safe, that is to say, when we were in cleaning crystal lamp, especially when wiping fixtures are, we must remember to cut off the power supply and remove the light bulb, wait for fixtures are wiped clean during the installation.

2, when clean crystalline light to keep the balance of the lamp body, mean we when cleaning beads if you need to come down, we are unable to remove the side side of the crystal, it is from both sides evenly split, this will prevent due to the inconsistency of the weight of the result in the phenomenon of the lamp body tilt, reduce the chance of crystal damage.

3, we in polished crystal lamp bracket parts, must notice the soft cloth for wiping the stent can't touch the water or alcohol, in order to avoid damage to the bracket plating outside the protective film, the surface of the caused it to lose its luster.

4. When cleaning the crystal lamp, if there is any discoloration or rust of the connecting button between beads, we can change it to ensure the beauty of the crystal lamp.