What Can Lighting Design Do?
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Just as some designers are real designers, others are just graphic designers. (LED decorative light)

People who study design don't necessarily love design, and some of them don't take design as their career.

Maybe some of you are looking for a job to get a diploma; (LED decorative light)

Soon after some puzzling at the professional and working career change, no longer with design does not meet, but, when you are still walking on the road, will have the responsibility to look at the road more scenery, at any time, is chosen to avoid going astray. (LED decorative light)



Lighting designer is a professional design market segment, which was not even known before. To understand the lighting design industry, we should start with what light can do:



1. Architectural language



There are many elements in architecture. Lighting is one of them. (LED decorative light)

The picture below shows tadao ando's famous work "church of light". (LED decorative light)

The extension of architecture may be the stack of materials and equipment, but the connotation is the combination of light and air in space. (LED decorative light)






Photo: a hallway with no view of where the lights are. (LED decorative light)

When buildings are used, lighting is an element of human activity. (LED decorative light)



2. Serve spatial purposes





It was an underground passageway in New York's central park, and one morning when I passed it on my morning run, I couldn't help but stop and admire every detail of it. (LED decorative light)

Although it is only a few steps away from the park, there is a sense of a palace of art: the park is completely different from the outdoor park in color, warmth and lighting, and a completely different atmosphere. (LED decorative light)

This is the power that light gives space. (LED decorative light)



Great supporting roles





When we visit a museum, it seems that we only care about the theme of the museum's exhibition and what attracts us to each exhibit.

However, without good furnishings and lighting, nothing can be seen. (LED decorative light)

So, lighting design, is a supporting role, but a very important supporting role, just like wu mengda to xingye? (LED decorative light)



4. The soul of furnishing






Above, we see a lot of furniture in the space, flower art, painting, carpet, all kinds of carve patterns or designs on woodwork device, if turn off the light, the display but are some of the plane line painted on the white paper, but stylist is blended in among them, will smooth shadow display also has artistic quality. (LED decorative light)



5. Art tools



Since ancient times, no matter east or west, light and shadow are the tools that artists use to create. (LED decorative light)

Of course, it is more prominent in the west because our traditional culture emphasizes literature over logic. (LED decorative light)





Photo: light and art