Urban Lighting: A Unique Landscape
- Jun 11, 2018 -

In the afternoon of June 10th, by the twenty-third Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition, Guangzhou Guangya Frankfurt Exhibition Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Aladdin physical association network Polytron Technologies Inc, Guangdong south network energy lighting research institute hosted by the Guangdong Forum Technical summit of the city lighting and characteristics of the forum in Pazhou 8 meeting The North Hall of the room is held on schedule.——Urban lighting

The meeting was chaired by Shen Ru, Secretary General of Nanjing lighting society, chief engineer of Shanghai municipal landscape affairs center, senior engineer Chen Wei Wei, Professor Yan Yonghong of Chongqing University City Planning Institute, Zhao Han people, chief technical officer of crystal energy optoelectronic (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd. and vice chairman of Shenzhen Bao Yao science and Technology Co., Ltd., who was invited to attend this summit .——Urban lighting

Shen Ru, Secretary General of the Nanjing lighting Society

Moderator: in recent years, with the national related policy, such as "The Belt and Road" and "night economy" "PPP" "feature of the town", the involvement of social capital and LED control technology and lighting product quality and continuously upgrade the quality of lighting designers, the whole city in the right of discourse in the rising proportion of this. A line The list of factors has led to a climax of urban lighting construction.——Urban lighting

Therefore, under the background of large-scale urban lighting construction, the theme of the summit is to discuss the future development and trend of urban landscape lighting, and seize this opportunity to promote the better development of the industry.——Urban lighting

Chen Weiwei, chief engineer and senior engineer of Shanghai city landscape and landscape affairs center

The meeting was first shared by Chen Weiwei, chief engineer and senior engineer of Shanghai city landscape and landscape affairs center, and "tourism development of Characteristic Towns and lighting culture". As the greening and city management of Shanghai, the overall planning of Shanghai landscape lighting, the work of landscape lighting construction on both sides of the Whampoa River and the quantitative pattern change of landscape lighting are briefly introduced. Then she mainly narrated the fusion of the light sculpture and the urban landscape, and analyzed the integration of the urban sculpture in the urban landscape, the urban sculpture and the integration of the natural environment of the city, respectively, two aspects.——Urban lighting

In the interpretation of the design process of urban lighting sculpture lighting, in addition to the inner factors of urban sculpture lighting design, such as lighting position design and lighting techniques, the relationship between urban sculpture lighting design and the development of surrounding environment, such as its humanities, history, space and other factors, is emphasized. It is environmentally friendly to create a comfortable and beautiful public space.——Urban lighting

Finally, she emphasizes: "the city landscape sculpture is still the business card of the city in the future, the quality of the city, the location of the city, the spirit of the city, the appearance of the city. The designers should combine the actual conditions of the cities to highlight the city's features and take full consideration to the aesthetic and hin of our local people." The habit of rewarding. "——Urban lighting

Yan Yonghong, Professor, School of urban architectural planning, Chongqing University

Professor Yan Yonghong, a professor of Urban Architecture Planning College of Chongqing University, explained the white paper on the application and development of urban lighting, and introduced and reported from 8 directions according to the contents of the white paper. "Peak, urban landscape lighting development and related benefits, urban nightscape lighting planning and design development direction, urban lighting renovation project distribution and volume analysis, the next round of urban landscape lighting market growth point prediction, the relationship between intelligent city and urban landscape illumination, cross boundary integration to urban landscape The influence of lighting performance and the application of new technologies in landscape lighting. In every direction, Professor Yan Yonghong combines theory with case to explain in detail.——Urban lighting

As for the development direction of urban nightscape lighting planning and design, she considers one of the city's problems: "including the town of the present urbanization, I am very anxious about this thing. I have just forwarded a view in the field of planning, that is, whether it is the industry + tourism, or the tourism + industry." It's not equal to this, all our special towns do it according to this model, every feature town makes a light show, where is the future future? Including the problem of light pollution, from the first to the five line cities, the whole bright investment is very large, and there is a project in four lines. I don't know this. Where does the money come from, but it seems like a good thing to our industry, but I think the sustainable development is a symbol of the future in an industry. If you spend all of it in one breath, then three to five are all outbreaks, all people have no food. "——Urban lighting

In addition, the book also includes the content of LED technology that you are interested in, which is helpful to users who need to know about LED technology, color system, control and so on.——Urban lighting

Zhao Hanmin, chief technology officer of crystal energy (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd.

The former sharing of landscape lighting and urban lighting is different from their perspective. Zhao Hanmin, chief technical officer of crystal energy (Jiangxi) Co., Ltd., describes the application of high power LED in landscape lighting from a micro level. First, vividly introduce the LED of high-power LED with pictures. Then the advantages and characteristics of high-power in outdoor lighting and landscape lighting are analyzed through case studies. For example, the application of landscape lighting has the characteristics of changing light, uniform light, easy to repair and so on. Then some design schemes and practical cases are shared.——Urban lighting

Finally, he concluded: "high power light density is very high, so it has some very distinctive applications in outdoor lighting and even landscape lighting, which combines small and medium power LED to achieve the effect that only small and medium power LED can not reach." And our company has this high power performance in China, which has chased the high power LED performance of the big international plants, and we have a higher price ratio than the big international plants. "——Urban lighting

Lu Haibo, vice chairman of Shenzhen Bao Yao Technology Co., Ltd.

With the development of technology such as Internet, information technology and Internet of things, the construction of smart city has become a trend, and urban intelligent lighting has begun to rise and develop. Lu Haibo, vice chairman of Shenzhen Bao Yao Technology Co., Ltd., delivered the keynote speech to welcome the wave of intelligent lighting. He first reviewed the development of the intelligent lighting application, and stressed that the main ideas were divided into two aspects: first, people first, in fact, people are the most important. In fact, from the origin of light, it must be for the light, and everyone can see the light at night. Second, it's safe. What we do is what we can see and feel safe, so that's why the lighting is done, but all the light can't be separated from people's feelings and experiences.——Urban lighting

From the scope of application, it is believed that intelligent lighting has a wide space in the future. According to the relevant data, the size of intelligent lighting, the largest application area or the commercial and industrial construction market, will be a pioneer of intelligent lighting. The reasons for the good development of US market lamps are analyzed from two aspects: the stability and lighting regulations and requirements.——Urban lighting

Finally, Mr. Lu introduced the products and features of Bao Yao, and promised that "we will cooperate with the engineering companies, including the Design Institute, we will be intelligent city, smart street lamp, intelligent lighting to the end."——Urban lighting

The four guests shared the scene on the audience's lighting stage performance and the behind the landscape lighting night scenes to participate in the interactive design ideas, the guidelines and the pros and cons, and what is the wisdom and the difference from the intelligence. Finally, a summary speech was made by the moderator, and the meeting was successfully concluded in a pleasant exchange.——Urban lighting

After the meeting

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