Billion Light Ye Yinfu: Lighting Will Go Higher, Not To Compete With Mainland Manufacturers.
- Jun 21, 2018 -

In the first quarter of this year, the industry faces the traditional slack season, as well as the price competition of mainland manufacturers, the LED factory in Taiwan is weaker and weaker. Ye Yinfu, chairman of the chairman of the billion light, said in the shareholders meeting that the lighting will go to the higher order, not the price of the mainland manufacturers, and the small shareholders asked Ye Yinfu to retire for the millions of years old? Ye Yinfu Response: to die in the sand!

87 years ago, Mr. Ye Yinfu responded, Ye Yinfu responded, "how many years I can't control, but the goal I set is to die in the sand yard!" "

Taiwan LED industry, the industry faced with official subsidies, the world's fourth largest lighting master terminal market competition pressure, operating under difficult, most of the manufacturers to actively adjust the product line, not with the mainland price. Ye Yinfu also agree that in the field of lighting to high order market, the rest will be to the car, high added value and infrared products.

Other small shareholders are asked to start the reservoir stock, which is about $600 million of the market value of billions of light, and the market value threshold of the foreign investment is $1 billion. Secondly, the net value of 100 million yuan per share is about 40.9 yuan new Taiwan currency and the share price is 40.8 Yuan new Taiwan currency, which is equal to the net value of the investors buying billions of light, technology and research and development are free. Only the company's reputation decline, may be combined with silicon products ASE event does not repeat, through the treasury shares to enhance the market value, can reduce the risk of hostile takeover, Ye Yinfu responded, will the treasury stock account.

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